Thursday, 24 November 2016

The end of Term 2!

It has been cold and wet... this is the perfect weather for Soup! We have been reading books about soup and bread! 'Magpies Baking Day' and 'Giant Soup'. We decided to make our own soup - and what better soup to make than New Zealand's favourite Kumara! Students researched and chose a recipe that they thought they would like. We looked at the ingredients list and the method, and started our preparations. Students hadn't seen kumara before - and they were amazed that there were 3 different varieties available. Cutting the onions made Ha Nee 'cry' and the lemons made Gloria 'cry'! We had quite a few laughs. We made the soup and even made fresh bread using Mrs Campbells bread maker. Students invited some kiwi friends to share their soup and bread with them. What a lovely way to share our learning with our peers. 

We then followed up during class, recounting our experience. We wrote a procedural text in relation to this experience. 

The last few weeks...

With a change in weather lately, we have been reading and talking about the different types of weather we have. From storms and a wild windy Wellington to snow and hot sunny days. It was a great chance to find out what the weather is like in Korea and our favourite time of the year.

This week we started the week getting our hands dirty by making a mud pie. We kindly shared this creation with Mrs Billington and are making a class book. You may like to follow the instructions to make one just like ours!


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