Saturday, 4 March 2017

Lots of Learning in the ESOL Classroom

A huge welcome to our new international students and a very warm welcome back to Woobin and Gloria from last year. Also a welcome to Nadia Weaver who is teaching the class on Thursdays.

It is so lovely to have you all at Tauriko School either for a few weeks, months or the whole year. We hope you have had a good start to school life in 2017.

All the students have been very brave with lots of new experiences and changes happening so quickly. We appreciate how difficult this time can be for you. Well done!

Week One was a chance to get to know each other in the ESOL classroom by making a little kiwi puppet.

It was lovely to have our wonderful International parents for our pastoral care morning tea. Great to hear your views, hopes and concerns as we start the school year.

The year 5 and 6 went off to camp at Lake Okataina for 3 days and had a fabulous time - a true 'Kiwi' school experience.

The remaining students focused on general greetings and preparing to have a picnic with their buddies. We made individual pizzas to share and had the experience of tasting New Zealand foods such as kiwifruit, 'marmite and chip' sandwiches, fairy bread, and drinking Lemon and Paeroa fizzy drink. Not the healthiest - but very iconic. We then all played a kiwi game of “duck duck goose”.

We have continued to focus on “food” with labelling food items, recognising different foods especially from our lunchbox and sharing with our buddies. Playing 'shops' exposes the students to different food items as they practise how to ask for something to buy.

All students have now experienced a typical Kiwi picnic on a rug under the shade of the trees beside the playing fields.

Sadly we said goodbye to our short term students Yooho, Yoolim and Christy.
We really hoped you enjoyed your time in a New Zealand school.

International Student Manager

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