2016 Student Voice 
 I am so happy at Tauriko School. Tauriko School teachers are always happy and smiling and make me feel happy. I want to come to school every day. I have many Kiwi friends. I love my ESOL class. My ESOL teacher is so kind and we learn English every day. My teacher always helps me. I feel good because my English always get better. I love Tauriko School.

2016 Parent Voice 
We are so in love with this small school, have all the beautiful natural surroundings and location on the edge of this wonderful city of Tauranga. Honestly we are hardly found any other school with this delightful natural environment, so keen to be with, than yours. Our girl telling us about her friends in the class, how kind, well-mannered and adorable but admirable they are. We really appreciate to the school letting us to be a member of this fine community where we felt really welcomed and being looked after with school's participation and encouragement for the student who has not been raised in this culture.

2016 Parent Voice
My name is Susan. My daughter Da-song visited New Zealand for the first time among English speaking countries, in Feburary 2016. Da-song enjoyed ESOL classes at Tauriko very much, and told her father she liked the ESOL classes the most in school activities. My husband talked about the care and kindness of the International Student Manager and ESOL teacher. Da-song has got confident in English because of her time at Tauriko, and has come to like English more. This is why my family is coming to New Zealand again, maybe in one year.