Prospectus - English - Korean - Chinese

Our Orientation Prospectus is updated each term, and will be given to new families at their orientation welcome. During this time, families will meet key staff (including the Principal and International Student Manager). Access to a translator in your native language will be organised, if possible.

Our Orientation process:

  • New families are welcomed at school, prior to the student's start date (usually the week before) 
  • Meeting the International Student Manager, ESOL teacher, and Principal 
  • Students are given their own 'Welcome' pack. This is specific to each individual, and includes photographs of their buddies, their classroom teacher, and their ESOL teachers. This pack also includes 'Handy Tips' about being a student at Tauriko School, and a keychain of common and helpful phrases. These have been translated into Korean and Chinese. 
  • Parents are given their own orientation pack (with school prospectus) 
  • School uniform is issued (complimentary school shirt and shorts) 
  • Tour of the school 
  • Paperwork 
*Please bring your passport, visa and insurance documents with you 

We trust that our Prospectus contains all the information you need. We hope that you find our orientation worthwhile, and that the documents you and your child will receive will be of value to you. We are here to support your child as they transition into a new school, with a new language. We are so proud of our international students - we acknowledge that this is such a big adjustment for them.

Prospectus - English - Korean - Chinese