Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Welcome Back to Term 3

A very warm welcome back to the students and parents of our International Student Community to Term Three. It is our pleasure to welcome 5 new International students to our school this term. Welcome to Juhui (Wee Sprouts), Juan (Room 3), Rowoon (R5), Seoyul (R7) and Joseph (R14). We are thrilled that you have chosen Tauriko School.

We are very proud of Aya Birt and Gloria Kim who are both worthy recipients of the International Ambassador Leadership award – Congratulations to you both. Both Aya and Gloria played an integral part of our orientation and induction programme for new students which took place in the holidays.

The Tauriko School International Ambassador Leadership award is given annually to students in recognition for outstanding contributions to the International Community of Learners at Tauriko School. At Tauriko School, we believe that through developing a more culturally diverse student body our students can in reality learn, understand and practice the very aspects of the New Zealand Curriculum that we want for them. Forming and maintaining long-lasting, genuine international peer relationships is at the heart of what we aim to achieve.

On Sunday, 6 students from China will be arriving as part of a short term tour group programme. Tauriko School will host these students for two weeks. During this time, these students will be integrated into classrooms and will also engage in cultural activities and experiences. Thank you to all families who offered to homestay these students.

We are looking forward to another exciting term in the ESOL classroom.

International Student Manager

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