Thursday, 17 November 2016

‘What’s been happening during ESOL classes in Weeks 9 and 10?'

We had a long holiday with Friday, Monday and Tuesday off school because it was Easter! We still managed to get lots of learning in though! We talked about our experiences during the holidays, and developed our vocabulary even further! Ye Seo was invited to a student's birthday party which she really enjoyed. It was a Hello Kitty theme. She told us all about it, and all about the 'kitty cake', which led so nicely into our theme this week - we have been focusing on celebrations and cake! We iced cupcakes and we used our senses to describe what the icing tasted like. We then baked a chocolate cake together. It smelt so delicious while it was cooking! We then divided the cake into thirds and each decorated our piece! It tasted very yummy! We took the rest back to our classes to share with our friends. Students have taken a copy of the recipe home with them - we hope they enjoy baking the cake on their own (with your help Mum and Dad!) at home for you to enjoy.

We will really miss Ye Seo and Yeon Seo next term. We hope you have a great flight back home, and we wish you all the best for your future. We hope to see you back here at Tauriko again! We look forward to keeping Ha Nee with us, and we welcome a new student next term also which will be lovely.

We loved decorating the cupcakes!

Celebrating our time here at Tauriko School! FAREWELL YEON SEO and YE SEO! We will miss you!

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