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What’s been happening during ESOL classes in Weeks 5 and 6?

Students have been so engaged during ESOL learning, and are now being exposed to many different texts. This will build students’ vocabulary, and support with their writing. The format of the lessons begins with reading, with a related writing task to follow.

Students enjoyed reading a book about ‘Leaves’. Students gathered leaves from around the school and described their appearance, size and shape. They then thought about what these leaves could be used for. Ha Nee thought hers would make a great fan. Yeon Seo found the New Zealand silver fern and said it would make a great tree. Ye Seo found some flax and thought it could be an umbrella. The natural lead on from ‘Leaves’, was a book called ‘In the Bush’. This book is about a stick insect (some students were a little afraid of stick insects!). Students really enjoyed reading, talking about, and making their own stick insects. Students worked hard to write their own story about the stick insect that they had created.
While reading, students come across many new words. Together, we talk about these words and their meaning, and students are encouraged to translate them into their first language. Students have now been given a few words to learn each week. 
Building adjectives - words that describe the leaves we found!

‘What’s been happening during ESOL classes in Weeks 7 and 8?’ …
At school we found a swan plant that had caterpillars and a chyrsalis on it. We watched the caterpillars grow over two weeks. W eread about caterpillars and wrote stories. We made these beautiful butterflies to put on the wall outside the office (this is our new learning wall where we will display our finished work that we are proud of). We also saw a real monarch butterfly dry its wings and fly away! The butterfly landed on Mrs Campbell's finger! Here are our beautiful butterflies and chyrsalis stories.

Making our Butterflies
Our Wonderful Learning Wall! Come and see what we have been up to! We are really proud of our work.

We then spent a week focusing on 'Pets'. We read books about pets and talked about our pets. Mrs Campbell told us about her pet pigeon and she shared a story that she had written about her pigeon! We then wrote our own story about our own pets. We worked hard spelling new words and editing our work. We identified words we were unsure of the spelling of and Mrs Campbell helped us to sound the words out. We then typed up our story and printed them off with photos from the internet.

By Ha Nee

By Ye Seo
In the holidays, Yeon Seo and Ye Seo are going to the South Island on holiday! We will use this as inspiration for our learning focus next week. We would love to see photos of what you girls have got up to over the Easter Break! We look forward to you sharing these with us. 


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