Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Bubbles on ME!

Our younger children spend time focusing on different letters of the alphabet - they learn the letter, the sound it makes, words beginning with that letter ... they put these words in sentences, and practise reading and saying new words aloud.

B is for Bubbles!

Students loved blowing bubbles - and learnt all about prepositions at the same time! On, over, under, through, behind, beside, above, on top ...

Students read a book called 'Off goes the hose' "water on the window, water on the clothes, water on grandma... OFF goes the hose'. Students then wrote their own book about bubbles, and took photos of where their bubbles landed. They then wrote sentences to go with each photo "bubbles on the playground, bubbles on the slide, bubbles on the chair, bubbles on my hand, bubbles on ME!"

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