Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Shake shake shake ... Butter!

More Science in the ESOL classroom ... what a way to get students talking - science experiments provide authentic learning experiences for the children, and provide a rich oral language opportunity.

What is the difference between milk and cream?
Where does milk and cream come from?
What is milk and cream made up of? (Water and fat)

Students loved making butter! Students needed only two things: cream, and a jar with a lid.

Students had to shake the cream (for a very long time!). Students were very fascinated to observe the changes that they could see - liquid turning solid! Lots of descriptive language was shared, and many lovely adjectives were used to describe what could be seen, felt, smelt, heard and tasted!

I wonder if any students have made butter at home yet? This activity was completed prior to our International Student excursion to the Western Bay of Plenty Museum. Students were provided with this experience to 'pre-teach' them language and concepts that would encounter at the Museum.

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