Thursday, 24 November 2016

What's been happening in ESOL classes in Weeks 3 and 4?

Well the weather has turned WET! Rain rain and more rain! This didn't stop students from participating in the Cross Country though. What a great time they had. Well Done Ha Nee and Gloria! 

Ha Nee and Gloria went on a bumpy bus ride to Waipuna Park for the school cross country race. The weather was cold but it only rained once. After the rain there was a beautiful rainbow. Everyone dressed up in their house colours and they were chanting very loudly. Ha Nee likes running because she says she is a good runner. Gloria enjoyed walking most of the way around the course. Well Done to both our girls.

Students also had a great time at the International Students Sports Day at the ASB Arena. Students participated in many different sports games and events. This was a fun day, and great chance for our students to meet other international students studying at other schools throughout Tauranga, and make new friends.
There was a bouncy slide as part of the relays, a parachute to keep the balls in the air and to hide under. There were throwing games, musical chairs and running races. It was so much fun and the girls got to meet up with family and friends .

During ESOL we played 'games' based around books. LOTS of oral language was had. We also found books based on these games, which was a great link to our learning. Students have really enjoyed reading books from the Greedy Cat series. Some of the books have been quite challenging! Students have been focusing on rhyming words, labelling items, and have written their own stories based on their own likes and dislikes. Students are now completing their own 'Greedy Cat' and will label all of the food their cat ate.


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